About Us

SOU’WEST CHUNKIES are based in St Austell, Our Annual Policy was to knit throughout the Winter months in order to sell mostly to the people of Cornwall, and its Easter and Summer tourist trade, we also took to the roads travelling to Craft Fairs and Theme Markets.  In 1997 to enabled us to reach a much wider sales market, we started this Web Site which has brought our Sweaters to the attention of Discerning Shoppers World Wide.

The Wools

SOU’WEST CHUNKIES are made of 100% pure new wool, mostly from Devon and Cornwall Longwool breeds, but we do also use wool from Wales the Welsh Borders and Shetland. Textures vary depending on the breed, the Softer wool’s tend to come from the Lowland Meadow feeders and the Harder Wearing wool’s from the Coarser Country, such as Mountain and Moor.   Although purchased for their warmth and durability in pursuing outdoor sports and activities.  Both are Ideal for the Gentler side of Country living such as sitting in the 'Snug' of the local Pub!

The Process

SOU’WEST CHUNKIES are Knitted mainly in their Natural state and are Undyed. Although we do have a small range of popular colours which have been Professionally dyed using only the best Swiss dyes and Techniques. (Please be aware that colours may vary slightly)

Our Mission

SOU’WEST CHUNKIES do neither a brochure or catalogue, allowing us to produce Sweaters and Gansey's of the Highest Quality while keeping prices Low.  We also provide a Service that is second to none and will do all we can to ensure that what you want is what you’ll get.  All sweaters leave our premises after having gone through a close Inspection to make sure that there are no faults or pulls etc:

After Care

SOU’WEST CHUNKIES should be Hand washed in Cold to Cool water, no warmer than 20 degrees C. They can be Rinsed/spun in the Washing Machine, providing the Sweater is placed in a Bag, such as a pillow case to prevent stretching.  DO NOT SPIN DRY but DRY BY PLACING BETWEEN TWO TOWELS ON A FLAT SURFACE

Sincerely yours,

Peter  for,